Monday, July 16, 2007


Hey all,

I know it has been a long time since the Groom here has posted on the blog so here I go. We just want to say thanks again to all of the people who planned and organized our Suprise Shower.

We were totally suprised you all did a great job fooling us into thinking we were just going out to Dallas Center for Taco's and Game Night good job guys! The Fiesta theme was awesome me and Christi both enjoyed that a lot. The Sombraro's were a nice touch and the vail Sombraro was cute.

I also want to say a shout out to all the people who came a great distance to par take in the festivities. Bryan, Greg, and Jed did a great job MC ing the Almost Married Game.. Caleb we can't wait to see the DVD of all the footage you shot for this.

Thanks to Christi's folks for taking care of all the gifts for us at the party, and for letting us store things with you guys till we find a house.

Muchas Gracias to Everyone. September 29th here we come! Much love to all.

Groom and Bride to be,

Josh & Christi

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ok folks! I realize this Blog is long. However; I found this article by chance and got a good laugh and wanted to share it with all of you. I hope you all have a good laugh as well. Let me know what you think.

Run Away, Groom!Prudie's advice for how to tame the bride from hell.
By Emily Yoffe
Posted Monday, June 11, 2007, at 7:11 AM ET

When did getting married become an exercise in acquired situational narcissism? This is a recently named psychiatric disorder, generally striking celebrities, characterized by grandiosity, lack of empathy, and rage. Based on the wedding-related mail I receive for the "Dear Prudence" column, an engagement appears to be another trigger for this adult-onset malady. Before entering into holy matrimony, brides seem to think it's acceptable to spend months—sometimes years—giving holy hell to everyone. Abused bridesmaids, perplexed grooms, and appalled parents complain endlessly about the personality changes that otherwise lovely young women undergo when they start arranging "my day."
Is there anything more revealing than the phrase—uttered with a stamping of the foot and a rising of the voice—"my day"? Of course it's not "our day," because the groom is merely an accessory, like a cake topper. The first time a bride-to-be utters the words "my day," I recommend potential bridesmaids and grooms respond, "Mayday."
The "my day" syndrome has become so extreme that some brides seem inspired by dictators who declare holidays in honor of themselves. Take this bride, who after more than a year of planning her wedding—still months away—was told one of her bridesmaids and the best-man-to-be were getting married, too. Outraged that her friends had chosen a wedding date three weeks before hers, she wrote, "I am not one of those brides who think that I 'own' the whole summer—but three weeks before? And their wedding is going to be bigger, fancier, and include roughly half of the same guest list." When she's ready for children, will this bride instruct her friends to stay on the Pill, lest they give birth to a baby—bigger and prettier—weeks before she does?

Weddings were once the place for loved ones to witness the union of the bride and groom. All guests—be they halt, lame, blind, or colorblind—were welcome. But now some brides see themselves as auteurs and their guests merely extras on the production set. How else to explain the letter I received from a groom-to-be who signed himself "Under Moral Siege." His dear female friend, who wears thick glasses, had been selected as a bridesmaid. But the bride insisted this bridesmaid leave her glasses at home because "glasses are an inappropriate accessory for women's formalwear, and the bridal magazines have convinced her that there can be no exceptions to the no-glasses rule." It makes me hope that as the groom tries to explain this to his friend, he'll find himself looking deep into her Coke-bottle lenses, suddenly declare, "Why, Miss Keeler, you're beautiful!" and run away with her.
Then there's this woman who received these instructions in a wedding invitation: "The bride respectfully asks all guests to please dress in either dark blue, forest green, or black … so no guest will stand out against the tablescapes." The letter writer explained she had no dress in those colors, nor the money to purchase one. I say let your cerulean gown provide a memorable accent. After all, while I have seen people leave formal events with the centerpieces, I have never been to an event in which the guests were the centerpieces.
Someone else's wedding rarely encompassed more than one or two entries on your calendar. Today's wedding has more acts than "The Ring Cycle." One guest wondered whether she needs to attend all six (yes, six) of her friend's showers and bring a gift to each (answer: No!). And the "honor" of being a bridesmaid is akin to signing enlistment papers. The bride's equivalent of, "Drop and give me 40, maggot!" is to whine, "You aren't there for me" [see also: my day]. One recruit, I mean bridesmaid, who has been through two years of planning for her friend's wedding says, "We have already thrown her an elaborate shower and I think she's anticipating an equally festive bachelorette party, and enthusiastic attendance at at least three other wedding functions besides the actual ceremony and reception." But what truly signaled that things had spiraled out of control was the bride's asking "why I was still breast-feeding my 8-month-old, if it was going to be a problem to leave her for 12 hours on the wedding day." In other words, "Stop breast-feeding, maggot!"
In A Short History of Rudeness, author Mark Caldwell describes how a proper wedding, as detailed in etiquette books at the end of the 19th century, was "a simple, practical, and dignified rite, veering into impropriety as soon as it became too obsessed with getting the details 'right' or slathering on a too-thick layer of pageantry." One manual looked dubiously at wedding gifts—the ritual "has now degenerated into a very bold display of wealth and ostentatious generosity, so that friends of moderate means are afraid to send anything."

Fortunately, modern couples can put friends of moderate means on a payment plan. Couples now ask for wedding "gifts," via PayPal, for their honeymoon, house down payment, and student-loan funds. One letter writer said the couple specified they were looking for $30,000, preferably paid in increments of $50 or more. Perhaps for guests who are short on cash, they can offer services for, say, installing drywall in the new house or scrubbing the toilets for a month.
Unfortunately, a bride's acquired situational narcissism doesn't necessarily recede after "my day." One bewildered husband of two years says, "Some of our friends did not give us wedding presents. My wife believes it has affected her relationships with them, and also thinks that maybe they are feeling guilty about it, as well. I suggested she e-mail them and say she is finishing up her 'thank you' notes and wasn't sure if we got a present from them. Or perhaps something more direct is in order? Or maybe she can just forget the whole thing?"
Oh, how this man is struggling. He wants to be sensitive and supportive. He hasn't read the bridal magazines, so he's thinking maybe, just maybe, it's acceptable to send dunning letters, like a debt-collection agency, to your friends asking where their gifts are. But he also suspects the right answer is "forget the whole thing." To him I say that being a good husband (or a good wife) means telling your spouse when she (or he) starts sounding like a nut job. That becomes harder to do when you realize you are married to someone who resembles Miss Havisham, condemned to forever be psychologically trapped reliving "my day."

Bride to be

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I realize it's been a while since we have posted anything. Since it's only four months until the big day right now things seem to be at a stand still. I thought this would be a good time to thank my brides Maids, Maid of Honor and Personal Attendent for being so patient with me.

I may be quite but I learned during this time I have been a major control freak. This was made aware to me when the Bridal Shop called me Bridezilla. I didn't think I was that bad. I guess it's true what they say it's all ways the shy one's that are the worst.

All of you have been so wonderful and understanding. I really appreciate the patience you have had with me. I have changed my mind so many times during the wedding planning and the melt downs have been out of control! I am so surprized all of you are still sticking around to celebrate our wedding day. I hope all of you haven't been to disappointed.

Before I close below are the wonderful people who have been so patient with me.

Alla....Maid of Honor
Holly...Brides Maid
Caryn...Brides Maid
Amanda...Brides Maid
Cara...Personal Attendent

Thank You for sticking around!

Bride To Be

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Aruba,Jamaica, Off The Florida Keys!

Hi Gang,

This is Josh here and I just want to give you all a update on what we are planning for our Honeymoon trip!

Me and Christi are heading to the Sunshine State that is right Florida. Now Christi has been there many a time however this Midwestern Guy has never been. After the Wedding the day after we head to the train depot and begin our trip to Florida! Now the train thing was my idea I have always loved riding trains and this will be her first train trip.

We get to Florida and spend two nights and three days in Orlando. I can't wait to go to Disney World and Universal Studios. We have our hotel booked in Orlando not bad price for two nights some of those resorts down there are very pricey. After we have our fun in Orlando we head to Ft Meyer to see her Brother Jon. We will spend almost a week there and plan to head to the very beautiful Florida Keys.

You can drive to the keys however that takes to long so we are going to the keys on a boat. I have never been out on the ocean so it will be a new experience for me. I hope I don't get sea sick if the water is rough.

Well that is just a little taste of what we are doing for our Honeymoon. Look for pictures of our Honeymoon adventures to come when we return home in October!

Take care you all,

Bride to be

Josh & Christi

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Special Note from the Bride to be..

I just wanted everyone who read my last posting know this is my way of venting my intenstons were not to get anyone upset or annoyed by my stressful moments. I can't wait to see what everyone picks out. Plan on seeing me having alot of melt downs and seeing me stressed out.

I know all of you are wonderful caring people and you will be there for me and Josh. I am looking forward to more wedding planning no matter how stressful it may become.

Thanks Again for your understanding and Patience

Bride To Be

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lesson 101

When planning a wedding set up a time to meet with the wedding party. It 's your day don't let anyone tell you any different. Controlling your day is not a bad thing. See what they all look like in different tops or dresses and tell them what you want. Don't ever tell them you want to be surprised. This will stress you out and cause you to have a melt down. You don't want to look back and regret those blasted words "SURPRISE ME". Once someone puts a deposite down on a dress there is no turning back. You just do alot of praying and have alot of faith that they all choose for the best. All I can do now is take a deep breath and say thank goodness for a personal attendent.

Bride to Be

Thursday, March 15, 2007


The time has finally come. Picking out the bridal party dresses. When going to the bridal shop and picking out dresses I was clueless to what I was looking for or what I might like. Once I tried on all the tops. I ended up picked five or six tops. Believe me this was no easy task. Knowing each member of my wedding party has a different body type and wanting them to have the freedom to choose isn't as easy as I had thought. The Maid of Honor got to choose between two colors and the variety of tops I choose for her. Now comes the Brides Maids. They will get to choose from only the tops I choose for them. Not realizing that they might feel as worried about making a wrong choice as I was when I was trying to find my wedding gown. They want everything to be perfect for me on my big day as much as I do.
So here is what I came up with.
TOP SECRET BRIDAL PARTY: Here is what I want you to do. I want you to surprise me with what you choose as much as I want to surprise you with the wedding gown I picked for my big day. All of you know what color dress you are need to have. Feel free to look at the style top the Maid of Honor choose. Think about what looks great on you and what might look good with what the others have choosen. I plan on calling the Bridal Shop tomorrow to let them know the situation and letting them know about TOP SECRET BRIDAL PARTY PLAN. I will also call my mom to let her know the plan and so the only people who know about what you choose are my mom and the people at the wedding shop. From there we will make it work. I want all of you to have as much fun as I am planning the wedding. I WILL LOVE WHAT EVER YOU CHOOSE.
If any of you have any concerns about this plan feel free to let me know.